Our Story

Driving Innovation in Automotive Comfort

What if your journey could be transformed?

From humble beginnings as a retail shop in Kemayoran in 1997, Agni Sentral Motor, then known as ANS Motor, embarked on a journey of growth and innovation. Specializing in automotive and architectural window film installation, we have relentlessly pushed the boundaries of comfort and technology in the automotive industry.

In 2001, we launched Indium Glassfilm, a brand that marked our foray into creating proprietary products. This step began a tradition of innovation, which continued with the introduction of Spectrum Window Film in 2003, expanding our market reach.

In pursuit of excellence, 2013 was a hallmark year with the debut of Iceberg Window Films, featuring groundbreaking Night Vision Technology that set new standards in the premium market.

Our commitment to accessibility and affordability birthed Miracle Window Film in 2010, targeting the broader market with competitive pricing. Continuing our legacy, 2016 saw the launch of Profilms, our advanced solution to UV protection.

Today, Agni Sentral Motor boasts a network of hundreds of dealers across Indonesia, delivering six top-tier window film brands:

  • Iceberg Window Films
  • Indium Glassfilm
  • Spectrum Window Film
  • Profilms
  • Miracle Window Film

Our history is a testament to our dedication to driving innovation in automotive comfort. Every brand launch, from Indium Glassfilm in 2001 to Profilms in 2016, reflects our commitment to enhancing your journey. At Agni Sentral Motor, we are not just selling a product; we are selling an experience—a transformed journey with comfort, safety, and style at its core.

“Driving innovation in window film since 1997, Agni Sentral Motor is committed to quality and customer satisfaction. Join us for a journey of success and excellence in automotive care.”

Alie T.Wijaya

Founder, Agni Sentral Motor

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